Welcome please take your time and look around there is so much to see!

Welcome please take your time and look around there is so much to see!

Welcome please take your time and look around there is so much to see!Welcome please take your time and look around there is so much to see!


Compassionate, Professional, Experienced Animal Experts

For over 35 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area.   

We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships.    

Always prepared for any pet's needs we ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love.

Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive.  

Relaxing after a bath, pedicure and daycare visit.

Certified Professional Grooming

The Best spa treatment from Nose to Toes!

Polished Nails to Medicated Baths even

 Natural Noninflammatory treatments for Arthritis,

 Recent Injury or Post Surgical. 

Our Certified Professional Groomers will make

 your pet look and smell amazing.

Book Now for an unbelievable pet grooming experience!

Spring break boarding runnig for a ball.

Group Daycare & Private Care

Group Dog Daycare creates a supervised social environment

where dogs receive group training through positive reinforcement combined with socialization.  These skills dramatically reduce bad behaviors and separation anxiety.

Private Care on the other hand is designed for the pet

that is unable to be left alone for long periods of time

and cannot be with other pets. 

This service is designed specifically for puppies,

 geriatric, and post surgical pets.

Training Obedience & Behavioral

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

Training Obedience & Behavioral


Repetition is the key!

 Make an appointment today with one of our trainers for private in-home

or group training on-site.

Off Site In-Home Boarding

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

Training Obedience & Behavioral

Rover Rex's pet taxi trip, safety first with my seatbelt.

Going on vacation?

 Book a vacation for your pet with us!

With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on our pet services to care for your pet when you are away.   

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

Learning to sit in puppy class, manners a must!

Spring cleanup, maintenance schedule,

 vacation or surgery?  Contract us! 

Pricing depends on the number of pets, size of pets, size of lawn and frequency of service.   Contact us for a quote!  

Reading with Rex

Studio Rex Photography

The Scoop Poop Pick-Up

Reading with Rex also includes free cuddles!

 A Reading Program designed for ages 6+

Children and dogs enjoy a 30 minute session of quiet supervised reading time with the pet and book of their choice.  The low stress calm environment  works well for everyone including special needs.

Dogs like to listen to the story, look at the pictures, but most of all, they provide unconditional love for the children. 

Rex's Rover Pet Taxi

Studio Rex Photography

Studio Rex Photography

Boarding Overnight fun!

Busy schedule, recent surgery, 

 new baby, not enough time?

Let us transport your pet so you do not have to!  Within a 5 mile radius.

 A time saver for sure!

Studio Rex Photography

Studio Rex Photography

Studio Rex Photography

Brigette's photo shoot

Forever memories are not easy to make.

Do Not Wait!   

Book an appointment now

for your pet and/or family.  

Portraits on-site,

in-home or on location. 

All photo's uploaded 

and emailed to you!  

Extended Special Services

Learning Basic or Intermediate grooming skills by apprentice is the way to learn right!

Apprentice Grooming

Ever wanted to learn to groom pets?

Join our team with apprentice grooming where you will learn

 a hands on approach to the professional pet grooming, 

handling and training industry. 

Please inquire for initial consultation and availability.


Personal Private Visits

This is an ever special area to our hearts. 

This private section was created for the comfort of our human owners when in need of their pets.  Making it possible to have a pet present at the hospital, assisted living, nursing or funeral home.  Scheduling with a special handler provides an easy, clean, controlled setting where your pet can quietly majestically attend. 

To make arrangements for this service please contact us.

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 We love caring for pets! 

Please come in for a meet and greet, or schedule right here on our site  to make any pet services appointment. 

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